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Custom Exhaust Services

Are you looking for improvement with your vehicles' torque and horsepower? GAP Tuning can help with your aftermarket car exhaust system. We have access to hundreds of affordable products, can help determine which works best to meet your vehicle performance needs. 

Consider both the performance and visual distinction when selecting what you need for your aftermarket car exhaust system. Your choices will depend on the type of car and how you drive.

Benefits of Custom Exhaust System

  • The free horsepower that is lying dormant within your engine.
  • Improve the ways the exhaust gases travel through and out of your car.
  • We all love to hear our rig growl to life.

Considerations for Aftermarket Car Exhaust Systems

  • Turbo-Back Exhaust System - giving you power without much chipping and significantly better throttle response. You will need to replace everything behind the Turbo-back including the downpipe. Consider changing your headers.
  • Cat-Back Exhaust System - with the larger diameter pipe which allows heat to dissipate at a higher speed. Cat-back changes the sound. You will need to replace everything installed behind a catalytic converter. If you are concerned about legal or warranty requirements, this may be the choice for you.
  • Axle-Back Exhaust System - is the least expensive upgrade requiring you to replace only the tailpipe, muffler, and mid-pipe.
  • Custom mufflers
  • Resonators to quiet the noise from your engine
  • Pipes 
  • Chrome tips
  • Turbochargers to increase power
  • Shapes and bends

Save when you purchase services with your exhaust products from GAP Tuning.

We require payment for parts and 20% of estimated services to start work on your vehicle.