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Fuel Injector Cleaning Service‎

We offer a port fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service for our local customers. We can also receive your injectors through the mail and return them to you. Mon-Thur we offer a 24-hour service from when we receive them until they are ready for either pickup or shipping. Some Friday deliveries are not able to ship back out until Monday.

Our ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing process is available for $15 an injector. We accept fuel injectors through the mail and will add shipping return costs to your order.

We guarantee our work to restore your dirty, gummed up, clogged or leaking fuel injectors to the same level and standard of operation as a new one. If your fuel injectors are unable to function like new we will not charge you for the effort. If you sent them to us and want them returned we will have to charge you a shipping fee.

Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaner